Rehoming Request

By clicking submit, you agree that you, your spouse, and /or any co-owner of your pet described on this form are irrevocably transferring and relinquishing to Crossed Paws Animal Haven (CPAH) legal ownership of said pet on the date of surrender/acceptance.

If this application for rehoming is accepted by CPAH, it gives CPAH complete authority to take whatever actions in our sole judgment are necessary and in the best interest of the pet.  This is an application ONLY and does not obligate surrender or guarantee acceptance. 

Providing the information within this form will allow us to learn more about your pet and make the best decisions for your pet within our rescue. Please protect your pet's health by ensuring vaccinations have been given to your pet at least a week before surrendering to Crossed Paws Animal Haven and provide proof of current vaccinations from your vet.  

In most cases, CPAH asks for a $100.00 donation for a spayed/neutered pet and $200 for an intact pet to assist with costs incurred while the pet is in our care.